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Content Management Systems Of Today

Nowadays, Content Management Systems (CMS) are the go-to way of designing any website. In fact, very few websites today aren’t created using some sort of CMS. The reasons for this are fairly simple: CMS’s are easy to use, quick to learn, and nowadays, they’re extremely customizable, while also being much easier to edit than traditional forms of website design, so it’s no wonder people are flocking to them in favor of the “old” web design techniques.

CMS’s started mostly as “blogging” tools, though they’ve become much more that, essentially being able to handle nearly every type of web design required, oftentimes even working a lot more efficiently and quickly than all the traditional methods. Of course, they still make great blogging tools, but nowadays, that’s just one small capability out of many.

So, what are some of the powerful CMS’s available today? Well, we have Blogger (still very popular), Weebly (a classic, but seems to be losing some popularity), Joomla (great for customization), Drupal, and of course, the most popular one of them all: WordPress. While these are all pretty great solutions in their own right, WordPress has taken precedence as the #1 CMS by a long shot. It’s estimated that 80% or more of CMS users are currently using WordPress… and there’s a reason for it; overall, it’s a great CMS, and it’s unbelievably user-friendly.

That being said however, there’s currently one CMS which is still small, and yet, it’s gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, and becoming what’s likely to be the next “top dog” in the CMS arena.

What is it, you’re probably wondering, and why is it taking precedence over the major CMS’s in the field today, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal?

It’s called “Bootstrap”, and for many reasons, it’s one of a kind…

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