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Meet the New CMS… Bootstrap

So, what is Bootstrap, and what makes it so great?

Well, first of all, Bootstrap isn’t technically a CMS, but instead, it’s a free group of tools which can be used to create both websites, and web apps. At its core, it’s designed with simple HTML and CSS, so of course, if you’re one of the many people who know how to code in one or both or these languages, you’ll have the advantage of being able to customize your websites to a much higher degree than if you don’t. That being said, however, even if you don’t know HTML or CSS, you can still customize your websites to a high degree with relative ease, as Bootstrap is a very user-friendly toolset.

It was originally developed by two gentlemen working over at Twitter, by the names of Mark Otto, and Jacob Thornton. Why was it developed? Well, like all good solutions, it was developed as an answer to a problem (though today, it’s become so much more than that).

The problem was that there was a high degree of inconsistency between the various tools that the fine folks over at Twitter were using, and this caused what you could call a “maintenance nightmare”. You see, when tools don’t run smoothly together, they end up interacting in strange ways, and this causes some serious problems for the I.T. department, in the form of fires which have to be put out left and right. So, a solution was created, and Bootstrap was born.

In June of 2014, Bootstrap was actually the number one project on GitHub, an extremely popular Git repository. It had over 69k stars and over 25k forks (and for those of you who aren’t Github users… that’s quite a bit). So what type of users currently belong to the Bootstrap user base? It has some big names, including MSNBC, NASA, and others. Organizations like this don’t take part in a part in a project like Bootstrap unless it has some serious potential, and in this case, it definitely does.

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